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 Charm Related to Breathing

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It should be known that there are breathing charms which are called the "sun" and the "moon": breathing on the right is called "tranquility"; breathing on the left is called "danger", and the charm for both is called daur or cycle of years. The charm wards off sicknesses due to cold and chill; strength and health are improved; ageing is delayed. When there is a sickness due to  chill, breathing on the left is to be transferred to the right. It is said that exhaling and inhaling are synchronized, except when breathing in water, when it is once on the right and once on the left. Exhaling is rapid when one is:
(1) in fear of something; (2) shocked;(3) ascending heights, climbing hills, etc; (4) having intercourse with a woman; (5) discovering something; (6) wanting to move left and right, for the breath finds its way out through the nostrils in the form of warm breath. The right nostril is to be covered with cotton and the left nostril blown. When you are in need of something and your breathing is on the left, your desire will not be fulfilled.

When having intercourse with a woman, if your breathing is on the right,  ejaculation will be delayed; if there is going to be a child, it will be a  boy. If your breathing is on the left, ejaculation will come quickly, before the woman's climax, and if  there is going to be a child, it will be a girl.

When desiring love from a woman while having intercourse with her, let her breathe on the right as you breathe on the left, so that the two will synchronize. You must try very hard to synchronize your breathing with that of the woman about 12 times. She will surely love you.
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Charm Related to Breathing
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