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The invocation of the kings of the jinn is included in my invocation. And I, for the second time, invoke them by this Rebuke. So hurry, answer me, by the awe of the Almighty. God who is exalted in glory, the King, the Enduring. The Magnificent, the All-Wise, the Giver of Blessings, the Bestower of Favors. His is the command and direction. He remains exalted. Answer me, O children of the jinn, all of you. By the authority of the lights and glows of the awe. By the power of the Overpowering; by the awe of the Glorius, the Exalter, the Debaser, the King, the Possessor of Absolute Sovereignty. The Guide, Hallowed is my Lord. He has neither partner nor Son. Exalted is He, the Possessor of Absolute Sovereignty, the Enduring. By Hahlayooh, Shamkhaloosh, Tatarish. By Him who created you from a scorching wind. Hawamiya. Yah, By Yahoo, make haste! Hurry. By the obedience of Metatron, Allahu akbar! La ilahe illallah, by Him for whom is superiority. His superiority is over all things. Answer! Answer by Al Shaddi Shamlakh. By Ankir, Hoorin, Ashmakh, and A'aliya. By Ashmakh, Shamakh, Most High; by Haltaf, Shati and Ashmatoon and by the Covenant in its totality.
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Blessed Rebuke
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