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 How Iran humiliated the war criminal - Donald Trump, in front of the whole world

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How Iran humiliated the war criminal - Donald Trump, in front of the whole world Empty
KomentarNaslov komentara: How Iran humiliated the war criminal - Donald Trump, in front of the whole world   How Iran humiliated the war criminal - Donald Trump, in front of the whole world Icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2020 3:37 am

After  the terrorist attack on the famous Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, a true example of state terrorism, and clear evidence that the United States is the main engine of the world's total terrorist movement, was followed by revenge. Iran responded and attacked two US bases in Iraq, killing about 80 US soldiers and wounding 200. In order to cover up the casualties, the US secret services quickly transported the dead and wounded soldiers to Tel Aviv, allowing the Iraqi authorities no insight into the attacked bases.

Apparently frightened by the direct war with Iran, the US president without any shame stands before reporters and lies to the world that no American soldier has died and that the bases have suffered minor damage ?! But the truth is that military bases have been largely demolished, as evidenced by satellite imagery, and thanks to the psychologically deranged Donald Trump, the United States has become a terrorist nation before the world, a nation that has claimed the right to be able to violate all international laws and regulations, without any consequences. Like Israel.

In the meantime, General Qassem Soleimani has become a global phenomenon, primarily due to the 8 million people who came to his burial. No president has experienced such an honor in modern history, let alone a general. Above all, Iran has shown to the world how complex and invincible it really is. What is indisputable is that Soleimani has become the true hero of the modern Islamic world and an indestructible symbol of resistance to American hegemony and Israeli-Saudi terrorism. Without a doubt, Soleimani became a political icon of the 21st century. Thanks to him, ISIL and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria were defeated, reflecting the mind power of this unique and humble man.

However, the greatness of Iran and Shiites does not stop there. Information regularly ignored by the Western media is that between 18 and 20 million pilgrims gather in the Shiite holy place, Karbela (Iraq) each year, while only 3 million gather in Makkah.

The war against Iran is the same as starting a Third World War. America must completely change its hostile attitude toward Iran, otherwise it is doomed to fail, as far as the Middle East is concerned. Iran, as a major country and major factor in that part of the world, has every right to nuclear weapons just as Israel has. If the EU and US really want a Middle East without nuclear weapons, then they should first seize it from Israel, of course, if they dare. As long as hypocrisy reigns and as long as genocide against the Palestinian people is supported, neither the US nor the EU has the right to make any criticism of Iran. Criticism can be directed to one who practices ethnic cleansing and genocide, ie. Israel.

Iran is first and foremost the cradle of civilization from whose ancient religion Christianity originated, and thus can be called the cradle of Western civilization. Without a doubt, Jesus is actually the Persian god Mithra, born on December 25, from the virgin goddess Anahita, who had his disciples, was crucified and resurrected. If anyone interested in more information about Mithra can easily find and study it, at least the availability of information is not a problem today.  

Despite the US-controlled Western media trying their best to spread hostile propaganda against Iran, remember that the real enemy of the Western world is Saudi Arabia. There are dozens of churches and synagogues in Iran, but if you look for them in Saudi Arabia, you will certainly not find any. Who was Osama bin Laden? The answer is - Saudi. The terrorists who attacked America on September 11th, out of a total of 13, 11 were Saudi nationals. So why was Afghanistan attacked?

In response to the arrogant statements of Trump, who has no clue about history, it must be said that the US has not won a single war in its history, in fact, if Hitler did not make a catastrophic mistake and attacked Russia, which bravely launched a counter-attack, the US and the devastated European armies would never defeat the Nazis. This is a historical truth that no one can deny. America lost the war in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq ... Therefore, one should not believe anything that Trump, who is clearly mentally disturbed, says. He is a pathological liar and an arrogant, impotent old man.

And finally, the most important message is: To all of us, may the brave General Qassem Soleimani be the inspiration and hope that we can all resist American hegemony, Saudi terrorism and Zionism, which, like cancer, erode the fabric of our modern civilization. The world would certainly be a nicer and better place to live, if these evil rulers were removed and disappeared into the history archives where they belonge.
May we follow the path boldly pursued by Qassem Soleimani, towards ultimate freedom and peace!

How Iran humiliated the war criminal - Donald Trump, in front of the whole world 82443311
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How Iran humiliated the war criminal - Donald Trump, in front of the whole world
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