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 Psycho-Spiritual horoscope

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Psycho-Spiritual horoscope   Psycho-Spiritual horoscope Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 6:42 pm

The snake is the first sign of the Bosnian circle of destiny whose curled body is its symbol. It connects and divides two seasons at the same time - summer and winter, light and darkness. In the period while its rule lasts in the circle of destiny on one side of the world winter begins and on the other side summer. At that time snakes recede into the earth in order to spend the winter in hibernation. The same thing happens with the earth which accumulates in itself the energy of heat and the seeds. The period of domination of this sign is characterised by wheat sowing, when the seed-symbol of the Grand Mother is laid in her womb where it will stay until the sun wakes its fertility with its heat. Our human body faithfully follows that rhythm, because of increasingly shorter daytime hours and gradual fall of temperature we also slowly start to accumulate energy and we become less active, we put on warmer clothes and we eat more.

Psycho-Spiritual horoscope Snake10

Following the rhythm of our planet and environment in which we live we are subject to the same natural cycles like all the other living world around us. That fact opens the door to large possibilities of our individual development. The dominant period of the snake in the circle of destiny people can use to face their flaws, since individual time intervals in the Bosnian horoscope represent the most ideal time for neutralising certain difficulties on our spiritual and physical journey. With that we enrich our lives in a large way, we become more productive, more relaxed and more successful but also we "clean" the path for our soul in the circle of reincarnation.

Understanding means winning

The snake is a symbol which represents the first and the strongest human feeling or emotion, which is fear. The mere mention of the name of this animal causes apprehension and fear with most people. That's where her strength lies which we gave her. If we would like to take away her strength we have to do it in the same manner - stop fearing it. The first step towards it is understanding the symbology which it represents. Accidentally or on purpose not only in Christianity but also in divination practice, the meaning behind the term "snake" is always enemy, however, we're talking about a completely wrong interpretation since a snake is a symbol which warns us of an enemy and the sign itself doesn't actually signify enemy. In the tradition of the Bosnian people the snake was the most powerful deity and the protector of the house since the period of the Illyrians. It is her original symbolism and meaning . That's why you should carry a piece of snake skin with you or keep it in your house, on the wall, so it can protect you from all evil and hostile activities.

In order to beat someone or something you have to understand it. That is the wisdom of the sign of the snake. Fear is dualistic - it causes both negative and positive effects. Negative reaction to fear are various unpleasant states of the spirit and body, it blocks us and causes psychic and physical issues such as anxiety, panic, anguish, insomnia, phobia. Fear also causes tachycardia and raises blood pressure. Good sides of this emotion are not insignificant, it helps us to deepen our perception, become more real and collected.

Fear is our mentor which suggests to us in which direction we can evolve. The only cure against fear is its opposite - bravery. When we are afraid of something and we still manage to face that fear, we feel a trembling in our entire body, we gain strength, our energy is rising, it strengthens our self-confidence and independence.

The feeling of trembling in our body we often encounter throughout our lives during every new love or sexual act when we are fully concentrated with all our senses on the person which interests us and attracts us. That is the best example that facing our fear doesn't have to be a negative experience in and of itself.

So beat fear of failure by extracting the most useful thing from this emotion - learn to be cautious, thorough, progressive and more risk averse.

The period during which the sign of the snake dominates represents  the most favourable period for liberation of fear. Calming down the natural rhythm will have a surprisingly beneficial effect on you. The snake is a symbol of earth and represents that element. That's why you should focus on walks in nature so you can have a close connection with the earth, and you should breathe deeply and evenly. With that exercise, which you should do every day, you will free yourself from the negative effects of fear. It is important that you are harmonized with the rhythm of nature.
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Psycho-Spiritual horoscope
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