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 Little secrets of Bosnian witchcraft

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The palm is considered to be an extremely favourable part of the human body which has the power to receive and emit energy. All Bosnian witches know this secret. Every time when another witch came to meet them, an enemy or a person full of negative energy, which has the power of spellbound eyes, the witch would then point her right palm in front of such people, fingers spread and she would gaze through her fingers into that person. With such a simple ritual she would annul all possibilities of negative effect from the person she would shortly meet.
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In everyday life one should watch out for the destructive influence of spellbound eyes. When a person falsely pities you, but actually is happy because of what it sees, and tells you: "Oh you so skinny?!" or "Oh you are so sick?!" or something else, you should immediately in their presence perform the ancient ritual from Bosnian witchcraft with which you protect yourself but at the same time send back the negative energy of that person. Touch your backside with the palm of your right hand, then point that hand into the direction of that person, showing her the palm with your fingers raised, uttering: "Here is your thinness!", "Here is your disease!", etc.

According to belief the backside is the only part of the body which cannot be affected by spellbound eyes. That's why many mothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina still today while holding their child in their arms, before guests enter the house or before going out to the streets, touch the child's backside and then his forehead and utters this prophylactic formula: "Whosoever harms with spellbound eyes this down here (touches the backside of the child) and then harms this up here (touches the forehead)".

Belief in apotropaic power of the backside is evident in the following example; whosoever wears his drawer's upside-down gains immunity from black magic or spellbound eyes. It is considered that it is extremely effective to wear overturned drawers on the first Wednesday when the new moon appears, since it neutralises all danger from evil spells and in the case of it being sent by a black mage, the magic shall be returned to him.
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Very good post Smile
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Little secrets of Bosnian witchcraft
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