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 BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Five elements and the division of numbers

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BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Five elements and the division of numbers Empty
KomentarNaslov komentara: BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Five elements and the division of numbers   BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Five elements and the division of numbers EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 5:44 pm

Numbers from 1-9 are divided into four elements and a final fifth, which is universal since it unifies the others, connects them into a five-pointed star which represents the human body with five protruding limbs - head, arms and legs.

Air: 1, 2
Fire: 3, 4
Water: 5, 6
Earth: 7, 8
Star: 9

Element air: persons with air numbers often have a high opinion of themselves, they are vain, get offended quickly, headstrong which all together makes them extremely negative an vulnerable. They're mostly emotional but stubborn and they can go against their own interest. They're moody, prone to change their decisions. They have a hard time giving something up as well as to come to terms with break ups or injustice.

Element fire: though this is a symbol of passion and energy it is often a sign of shallowness, therefore people born in number 3 and 4 have a large issue when it comes to experiencing real emotions and feelings, for which they suffer. They're prone to show off in front of others, they have a competitive nature, provocative, they show off unconsciously through sex, they're prone to sudden outbursts of anger and domination.

Element water: persons born in numbers of water have an extremely priceless gift - feeling deep emotions and feelings, which can often present a real curse and bad luck if they don't have harmonized numbers in the numerological card. This is why these persons can often get emotionally blocked. As their element, person with numbers of water search for their place under the sky their entire lives a place where they will be safe and stable. The negative side of the water element is fear and uncertainty.

Element earth: persons with numbers 7 and 8 strive for stability, to stand firmly on the ground. They're rational, practical and objective. Negative side of their element is that there is a possibility for them to be separated from reality, or that they don't have a realistic picture of themselves and others, similarly, a stubbornness is present which leads to auto destructiveness, just like an earthquake. Earth gives fruit so too they like to take care of others, be creative and create.

Element star: number nine i.e. star is the symbol of the soul, while the four elements make the parts of the human body. Through the star in the middle of the forehead, according to the Illyrian-Bosnian belief, humans are connected to their star in the sky (universe). Exactly for the above mentioned those born under this number have a strong need for connection with others. This represents a certain handicap for them since they become uncertain, sometimes they have difficulty accepting themselves, they're trying to get lauds, fulfil others expectations. They're adorned by naivety, nine is like 8 "movable" number i.e. it can become 6 while eight when it is turned around stays the same, at least at first sight.

Matching numbers

Though there is a extensive analysis of numbers, there is a pretty simple table of matching and mismatches between numbers. According to it numbers 1, 4, 7 match numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9. There is no harmony between 1-7, 2-5, 3-8, 6-9. The most desirable partner is a person born under the number 5. Those persons are adorned by an important characteristic - they're adjustable.
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BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Five elements and the division of numbers
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