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A human is a being of magic without a doubt. Throughout occult history one can come across various usages of individual parts of the human body in spells. The most famous are the witch recipes from the middle ages which state that one needs to cook a child in order to prepare witch grease which makes her fly. Luckily in Bosnian witchcraft such recipes don't exist, as you can see from this book, witches see the human body as a temple of nature and its forces which are individually focused on certain body zones in order to have a dominant influence on that location.

According to a definition the human body is nothing else but energy compacted into a mass so it is logical to conclude that during the creation itself we have been given the ability to use energy in and around us. Every energy has its origin and canal through which it travels, spreads or unifies with a different energy.

When we analyse as a layperson the love spells which are shown in this book we can easily come to a conclusion to what the magical points on a body actually are which are considered to be the source of individual forces and what type of influence they have over other people. It is interesting to mention how in folk belief the front part of the body has the power to send energy through the eyes, gaze, mouth i.e. words, arm or leg movement, while the back part, back, serves to reflect energy and protection such as grabbing the backside with your hand in order to stop the penetration of energy of a spellbound eye.


Among the Bosnian witches a dominant role in ritual and spells is played by the following body parts, we will only write a part of information for this instance.


The hair was always a prop in numerous spells, not just love ones, since through it one can influence thoughts and behaviour of a certain person. If one grabs three hairs from a loved person without them noticing it and if they are wrapped in a small red fabric and carried regularly, it will become a talisman whose power is to slowly bring to an emotional concurrence and physical attractiveness. A love formula is repeated over the hairs and one blows three times in order for them to be ready to act.


Blood taken from the forehead is mentioned in certain love recipes as an ideal agent with which a man can win over a girl that he likes. It is sufficient to put a few drops of blood on a sugar cube which will be secretly placed in her cup of coffee. Forehead i.e. the part between the eyebrows, so called "third eye", among the Bosnian witches is considered to be an extremely powerful place from which the man connects with his star in the sky. Namely, according to belief from Bosnia every man has his own star in the sky which he gets from birth. In this highly interesting belief one can find roots of an ancient belief according to which the forefathers of humans came to earth from a star (planet) in the solar system and that the connection between us and that planet is exactly located between our eyebrows.


Since the ancient times eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul. They are the most beautiful thing that ornaments the human body and represent the biggest gift which we received from nature. Tears that come from the eyes in moments of pain and sorrow are a valuable prop for Bosnian witches. The ancient Romans were familiar with the magical power of the tears and that's why they carefully collected them in small bottles and kept them closed in a safe location. Similarly, among the Bosnian people the custom when a girl cries after a man which she loves that she should save those tears in a bowl and as soon as an opportunity arises she should mix them with coffee which she will serve to the boy that made her cry. After he drinks the coffee, it is believed that he will fall in love with her.


When a woman wants to cause a large passion and love with her partner she reaches for the powerful rituals of love magic in order to cause a specific psychological state which can be best described by the term infatuation. This spell is extremely rare since it requires special conditions, namely, a woman must wait for an opportunity to get close to a dead person and in his mouth she needs to put a small picture of the man she wishes to put a spell on. Naturally, she must not be seen when doing this otherwise the spell might not work. Besides, the saliva from the mouth is represented in love magic which you will read in the part of the book which deals with the construction of love spells.

Hair under the armpits

Hair under the armpits are regularly used in love spells in the form of dust, together in combination with pubic hair. Besides, three hairs under the left armpit are used by a mother in order to create an amulet against spellbound eyes.  


Sperm, hair from the pubis and vaginal secretion after intercourse are important ingredients of many love spells which are used to attract or stimulate a partner in a relationship or marriage. Hair from the pubis are thrown into the fire while uttering some of the numerous love vows or are burned into ashes and mixed in love potions. Cloth soaked in sperm and vaginal secretion in Bosnian traditional witchcraft are considered extremely valuable props which have the power to emotionally tie two persons and in such a way prevail marital or other crises.

Menstrual blood

Bosnian witches claim that women unlike men have two types of blood. The first blood is menstrual since it has a huge magical capacity even under the direct influence of the moon. It is always used in those spells which have the goal to physically and emotionally connect two people i.e. a woman and a man. Menstrual blood in spells has a pronounced effect in the first 40 days, while after that time interval that intensity is weakened. In occult circles it is considered that every woman can use her menstrual blood in spells for three men while with the fourth she will create a completely opposite effect.

The second type of blood is taken from the fingers on the hand. While menstrual blood has the goal to physically attract a man to a woman, blood from the finger or fingers creates the effect of infatuation, emotional openness, and stops men from being aggressive towards women. As Bosnian witches consider blood from the fingers, over both hands, is directly connected with the heart. This blood is under the direct effect of the sun.

If a woman in her magical practice uses both bloods towards the same man that can cause lack of composure, strong jealousy and other negative effects, if the spells are repeated a few times.


Pieces of faeces are unavoidable ingredients of all spells which are intended to cause fights and hatred between partners. It is interesting to note that in Bosnia it is believed that the backside is the only part of the body which is immune to the effects of spellbound eyes, therefore whenever you are afraid that someone might subject you to a negative gaze, grab your backside in order to annul all potential danger.


In love spells urine is used in several instances. In one of them it is used when preparing the doe for the maslenica, Bosnian traditional meal, which is then offered to the partner or a few drops of it will be placed in the drink which will be offered to a person whose love one covets.


Dust gathered from the nails is the standard ingredient in most love powders. Nails cut from the hands or legs of dead people have a much larger representation in various forms of spells.
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