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 Talisman & amulet

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The practical part of Arab magic consists of, apart from other things, Ilm al-tilsam or science about talismans. With the help of talismans and amulets many life fields like; love, health, carrier, happiness, and wishes fulfilment, can be influenced.

Every talisman is under protection of some of the spiritual beings (angel or jinns), under whose influence a certain wish/influence is being fulfilled.

The process of talismans’ handcraft is an individual process and it depends on many rules; day, hour, ink, pledge, lunar phase, astrological factor, etc. When the talisman is made it is being activated within a month in order to deliver what it was made for.

In contrast to talismans, the amulet represents a certain protection from negative energies; those who possess it are granted with certain magic immunity and protected from black magic strikes, evil eyes or jinns. Every amulet, apart from its religious content, has got a magic square, “seven seals of Arab magic”, name of the angel, name of Allah, etc.

For talisman’s & amulets’ handcraft the following data are needed:
- first and family name    
- date of birth
- mother’s name
- address
- the same data, without address, are needed for your partner too (love talismans)

The following talismans are available:
- Talisman instigating beloved person’s love
- Talisman for beloved person’s faithfulness
- Talisman for physical attraction
- Amulet for black magic protection
- Amulet for home protection
- Amulet for business premises protection

The price of Talisman is 50 EURO
The price of Amulet is  50 EURO

Talisman or amulet can be ordered in the following way; via western union, first you pay the money in and then you deliver the required data via e-mail: ogledanje@gmail.com. The delivery of talismans or amulets is within a month.
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Talisman & amulet
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