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 99 God's names

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Islamic Tradition have 99 God’s names (Esmaul husna) eweryone have specific energetic vibration. We can use it like mantra, and on this way colect positiv energy in own life.

That’s kind of a cure, protection from evil, to raise emotional relationship on higher level, to make our moves forward (carrier), etc.

99 is number with spiritual symbolisam, especially in are folklore tradition. It’s believed that Iblees/Satan have 99 ways for negative influence on human life and that for Is the same number of God ‘s names witch are able to contradict and undone his evil actions.

This with is number 99  established perfect harmony. We can call it also ying&yang.

99 God’s names in minimalistyc parable shows the human soul. That’s about explain us Bosnian folks believing witch tells, the soul in human body is wrapped 99 times over every bones. Faraway people believe human soul luck like smallest apple what remains on aura. The physical body is surrounded by it. It’s not to forget If you cut it the apple, you will see the seeds in pentagram form - symbole of man and soul.

Repeating regularly 99 God’s names we strengthen and revitalised our physical body and we achieve harmony.

To find out our God’s name, we have to add the date of our birth.


Find the number on the list below 31
(Al Habir).

Next number 31 add the sum of the year you are born in and the year you live in (1980/2019-39). That’s going to be “El Mukit”.

By merging first and second number (31+39=70) you get third number and holly name (El Mukaddim).

That’s your mantra for this year-three God’s names with is to use everyday or by needing.

It’s to talk slowly:

“ Ya Habir Ya Mukit Ya Mukaddim”

To work with spiritual names to develop imagination, intuition, telepathy and whatever, you have first to pronounce the first Qor'anic prayer witch open the door of spirituality world or better told raises awareness to higher levels. After that repeat your mantra (three God’s names).

If you like to be stronger, to get well from any illness or/and fulfill your self with energy you have to tall Ihlas prayer and again your own mantra, three God’s names.

For cleaning of negativity, negative energy, pushing-rejecting of enemy’s or energetic vampires - you need to tell Falaq or Nass prayer,  or both and after that you keep repeating your own mantra, three God’s names.

And singular pronunciation some of 99 God’s names is also very powerful and efficient. Very powerful is mantra “Ya Salam”, repeating this mantra you calm down your psyche, the heart rate is slower, breathing is getting normal. Fear disappear.

If you like to become better with someone or finish miss- understanding you need God’s name “Al Gafur” (the one who forgives)
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99 God's names
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