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  The Nature of Women

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1 . The nature of a pig: a woman does nothing but fill her stomach with food and drinks, has no religion and does not like to perform prayers or observe fasting, but who is intelligent in going about her household chores.

2. The nature of a monkey: a woman who likes to wear new clothes of red, green and yellow, refuses to wear gold and silver and is proud and above her husband.

3. The nature of a dog: a woman who speaks to her husband with her face turned away, who, when reprimanded by her husband, lies and shouts at him like a dog; who, upon seeing that her husband has wealth, loves him, but otherwise hates and chides him at home; and who never stops lying to him.

4. The nature of a mule: a woman who, upon seeing something, becomes frightened, who refuses to budge but instead withdraws, even when the thing has been struck; and who is of good and humble character.

5. The nature of a snake: a woman who harbours malice, who, upon hearing someone speak ill of her or her husband, becomes quarrelsome with that person.

6. The nature of a scorpion: a woman who always goes round visiting other houses in her village, complaining and gossiping about others, and who at the same time gets into disputes with others and thus stings them like a scorpion; and who is not afraid of Doomsday, as mentioned by Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam-Alfattanu la yadkhulul jannah.

7. The nature of a goose: a woman who always wanders around and does not stay at home, and who, when approached by her husband, says, "You love me not, for you love another".

8. The nature of a wolf: a woman who, when her husband is at home, pretends to be asleep, and who, when approached by him, starts to quarrel, saying, "I am alone at home and sick, while you are out having fun".

9. The nature of goat: a woman who is good in several ways, who is pious and loves her husband and children as well as her neighbours and family, and who does good.
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The Nature of Women
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