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 Interpretation of Dreams

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Syaikuna wa ustaazuna wa azizuna wa qudwatuna saiyyidi al-Syaikh Muhammad Abdul Karim al-Saman al-Modani said that the dreams of ordinary people are interpreted while those of special people are not interpreted. With respect to the dreams of ordinary people and their omens, the first letter is to be referred to. If it is "alif", then "alif" is referred to.

Letter Significance

alif Allah Almighty will take away all sorrow

ba Allah Almighty will give whatever is loved

ta rows and obstacles at work; must be careful night and day

tha happiness; victory and prosperity in every endeavour

jim difficulties  and great danger;

ha will get whatever is loved

kha pleasure and success; a little danger but not to worry

dal sorrow; do not be the aggressor in a quarrel, but wait for victory

dzal worries; have some patience

ra goodness; no sorrow, but success

zai increase in good work

sin do not be the aggressor in a quarrel; have some patience before embarking on a journey; give alms and religious feasts for the aged

syin great respect from all kings and ministers

sad blessing and happiness; a journey may bring luck

dhad give alms to ward off misfortune, after which things will be all right

fa things are all right, neither good nor bad

qaf goodness; pleasure and success

kaf wickedness; remember to ward off misfortune

lam will have a good and pious son

mim wickedness; bound to be cheated; ward off misfortune

nun comfort even in hard times

wau blessings and peace from God

ha' evil

lamalif evil

ya goodness; will reconcile with the enemy.
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Interpretation of Dreams
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