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 How to reveal the effect of magic on humans

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Reliable symptoms that an individual is under the influence of evil spirits or black magic are: a constant headache, nightmares, especially when dreaming of a cemetery, corpses or falling in a dream, collapsing, when a person suffocates, chest pain; especially in sunset and night, sudden mood swings, depression, withdrawal into solitude, and sudden aversion to religion.

In addition to these major symptoms, there are other symptoms that indicate the same, such as that a person is constantly experiencing setbacks; either in career or in love, cannot make love or marry, becomes repulsive to other people, comes into conflict with family or friends for no reason.

Magic should also be suspected if a person is constantly nervous, has headaches without - from a medical point of view - the right reason, joint pain, lack of concentration.

There are also extremely dangerous spells when a person can remain instantly paralyzed in certain parts of the body and even die within days if he is not helped. In these cases, the diagnosis cannot be established by medical methods. Such persons are in one specific condition, they do not respond to calls, their eyelids are lowered and only when touched on the stomach they respond and moan because of the pain.

In addition, the influence of magic can be detected through the following examples:

- If someone has a high fever, feels body aches, lacks strength, appetite and vomits, then he is the victim of magic that is done with the help of a doll. Under this spell, a person may have a constant headache or even paralysis of certain parts of the body.

- When a man suddenly changes his behavior, becomes stupid and without his attitude, then he is influenced by love magic.

- A man who drinks three drops of menstrual blood in coffee becomes over the next 40 days full of restlessness and desire for a particular woman; the one whose blood is in the coffee. To prevent this spell, a man should always drink coffee with at least a few drops of milk. In Bosnia, it is believed that milk prevents the spell that works with menstrual blood.

- If a man has stomach problems and a constant bloating, regardless of food, then he either drank or ate the love magic served in a cake or drink.

- If a person is ill for a long period and cannot be cured by official medicine, it is a sure sign that he is under the influence of black magic.

- In the Balkans, but also in the Middle East, a special kind of magic is popular, which makes a man impotent for all women except the one who cast a spell on him; tying 9 knots to a thread of wool, which she had previously dipped into a man's sperm. In the second case, after sexual intercourse, the sperm are collected and poured into a padlock hole, which is then locked and buried in a stone or in an old grave. There are many ways to eliminate this magic, and the simplest form is to drink tea from the plant Geranium sp.

In addition to spells, evil spirits also have a direct negative effect on humans.

The symptoms of a man being attacked by evil spirits are; sudden psychological problems, paralysis of one part of the body or the whole body, hallucinations.

Also, the appearance of skin rashes and itching is a sign of evil spirits. One of the most reliable signs that you are a victim of ghosts is the appearance of inexplicable fear, such as suddenly starting to fear elevators, darkness, people, etc.

The best cure for magic and evil spirits are talismans that counteract negative affect. For all information please contact: ezotericar@gmail.com

In order to create an effective talisman it is necessary to indicate in the e-mail your first and last name, date of birth, mother's name and an address.
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How to reveal the effect of magic on humans
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