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 Magic Square (wafk, wafq, nasqh)

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Magic Square (wafk, wafq, nasqh)   Magic Square (wafk, wafq, nasqh) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 10, 2019 1:24 am

Before I start writing in more detail about magic squares and how they work, I will state at the outset what Abdullah ibn Mas'ud said:

The Messenger of God drew a square and then drew a line through its center. He then drew some short lines to that center line, saying, "This is a human being, and this (square) is his lease of life that surrounds him on all sides, this line outside the square is his hope, those short lines are misfortunes and troubles that can happen to him.

Whether the messenger of God was referring to me as a wafq himself, and whether he knew anything about it at all, is difficult to confirm, but certainly this Mohammed's saying leaves plenty of room for thought, like many of his other narratives.

However, what is certain is that for a logical and proper study of the science of squares, many misconceptions that persistently follow it must be refuted. So the biggest mistake is to connect anything with Kabbalah, especially in Arab magic, because many do not know that Kabbalah was invented by Czech Jews in Prague in the 18th century.

Most Arabic textbooks of magic are much older than the 18th century, dealing with magic squares, the esoteric meaning of numbers (abjad), talismans, invocations of spirits, etc.

If the Arabs did borrow the above, it was certainly not from the Jews but from the Indians and Chinese. So that's how we find the oldest references to magic squares in India and China.

The Jews have always been excellent plagiarists and adopters of other people's teachings and ideas, beginning with Judaism itself, which contains many religious beliefs of ancient Egypt. Angels and cherubs were "borrowed" by the Jews from the Iranians (Amesha Spenta), the so-called "Tree of Life" in Kabbalah is a copied Scandinavian myth into which the Jews added the teachings of chakras (Sephiroths) which they also "borrowed" from Hindus, and so on.

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The first king-magician to subdue the Jinn and the Shaitans (demons) and place them in his service was the Persian King Jamshid, the son of Unjan. Based on the story of him, the Jews invented their story of King Solomon. Of course, it was not only Jews who stole from others but Christians (Anahita and Mithra, Horus and Isis, Mary and Jesus) did, but also Muslims. Thus, Allat is the name of the ancient Arab goddess of the moon, whose symbol was the crescent moon. In Mecca, a pagan temple stood at the site of the center of Islam (Kaaba). The hexagram (the so-called "Star of David"), as well as the pentagram originate from Babylon, the cross is the Egyptian symbol of Tau, etc.

Briefly summarized in modern vocabulary, this whole process of human spirituality can be reduced to the notion of copy-paste. This trend will continue in the future, and sooner or later the present form of religious-magical conception will disappear and will be transformed into some new form, but still with many ancient segments.

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king-magician Jamshid
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Magic Square (wafk, wafq, nasqh)
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