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  Cherry (15.12.-15.01.)

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Cherry is the third sign in the circle of fate that reigns from December 15 to January 15. In Bosnian tradition, cherry is a tree that occupies a special place in the cult of the dead, since its fruits are gladly eaten by birds. Since the bird is a symbol of the soul, in the past it was the custom of planting cherries in the cemetery. It was believed that the cherry growing next to a grave helps the soul of the deceased to get rid of sins every time the birds ate its fruits. The mythological protector of this sign is the Illyrian goddess of love Anzotika.

Every winter sign is a symbol of the inner world, and so the people of this sign are very susceptible to all that it represents. whether it is a positive or negative term; dissatisfaction, stress, self-doubt, psychological tension, emotion, empathy, imagination…

The person who is in this sign will be very easily identified by one characteristic that is inherent in them - insolence.

Cherry does not know tact and often, although not intended to do so, provokes a negative reaction on the part of her interlocutors. They are great traditionalists, at least when it comes to marriage, but also great fighters. Modeled on the symbol that represents them in the circle of fate, persons born in the sign of Cherry are generous, thus showing their affection for the people they care about. They tend to sacrifice themselves, their dreams and ambitions, for the sake of the family. It is very important for them to maintain peace at home and between family members, because that is what gives them vitality and motivation.

In love relationships they tend to be in harmony, and often know how to tolerate infidelity of their partner. However, as much as they are able to tolerate a partner's infidelity, they are also able to be unfaithful. Like a Swallow, a Cherry is a sign of intense sexual energy. The tendency to experiment with sex is a common feature of both characters. The desire for liberation from the imposed social norms is deeply embedded in the personality of these signs. The tendency for nudism, wearing provocative clothes, or as little clothing as possible is one manifestation of this desire for liberality.


A man born in the first 15 days of this sign is a very complex person.
He demands a lot of attention from a partner who, if she knows and wants to please him, can easily manipulate him. Otherwise, he is prone to resentment manifested in jealousy attacks or attempts to control his partner. This is especially true for the male-Cherry whose personal number is 2 or 6. Likewise, Cherry is a person who does not handle rejection very well, which is why he is able to demonstrate some aggression.

The Cherry-man likes to provoke, quickly "cracks" and has no sense of diplomacy. But mostly he is hardworking, not lazy, likes to acquire, and this is one of the reasons why he is attractive to a gentler sex. However, while for example, the person with the personal number 6 is generous and attentive to the partner, the man-cherry with the personal number 2 is the exact opposite, he is not in the habit of giving and showing attention to the partner. He compensates for his lack of attention with his frequent desire to make love.

Male-Cherry with personal number 7 is quite adept at making money and doing business. But he does not have that much luck when it comes to love. He is often used or cheated on by a partner. One could also add that he is a better lover than he is as a husband.


The common trait of all women in this sign is insolence. They are very curious, and in a love relationship they want to be dominant. They are lazy for homework, but they like to travel, be on the move, and brag to others. They are pretty careful with money. One might also note that they observe friends and a love partner somewhat through their material status. They often go a step further and show greed. The female-Cherry is often sloppy, prone to complaining and self-pity to get attention and benefit from it.

They do not have much patience or tact. It can also be said that they are much better in the role of mistress than as wives.

They like to experiment with sex. Influenced by innate jealousy, they tend to dominate their partner. This is especially true for a woman whose personal number is 1.

Female-Cherry with number 5 has a serious ego problem that often complicates her relationships, especially romantic ones. They often have health problems with their kidneys or urinary tract, and are prone to weight gain.

Female-Cherry with personal number 6 is enterprising but doesn't know about money. She is often insecure in an emotional relationship, but she can be suspicious in her relationship with family or friends.
In contrast, the one with the personal number 7 is quite prone to exaggeration and dramatization.

The connection to the second Cherry is fiery, full of emotions and passion, especially for personal numbers 6 and 8, but still too turbulent to maintain common sense and stay together for long. Likewise, the emotional connection between Cherry and Linden can often be intense or turbulent. In this love combination, almost always one of the partners is prone to exaggeration in emotions and becomes obsessed with the other party. Often, such a relationship is destructive.

Cherry amulet

Three leafs of Rute graveolens, three pieces of lead and three grains of wheat are placed in a miniature red cloth bag and carried along.
This amulet brings happiness to the people born in the sign of Cherry and protects them from negative energy.
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Cherry (15.12.-15.01.)
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