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 Frog (15.01 - 15.02.)

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The fourth sign in the Bosnian horoscope is occupied by the Frog, which since ancient times represented one of the forms of the Great Mother, the goddess of fertility and life. The frog had an identical function with the Illyrians, which is why in Bosnian mythology it is considered to be the protector of domestic cattle, especially cows, and milk that is fed to the whole family, especially young children. The Frog sign reigns from January 15 to February 15. The mythological protector of this sign is the Illyrian fertility goddess Ika.

Persons born during the reign of this sign are of a variable nature; while those born in January are a little more stable, this cannot be said for births in February. That is why they are easy to influence, and they must be careful not to let others manipulate them. As the frog is an ambivalent animal, residing in water as well as on land, so do the members of its sign possess this trait of impermanence that is best presented through the unstoppable need for movement, travel, and fun. In short - they do not attach to the place. Therefore, if your partner or partner is a Frog, they will be most pleased if you suggest them a trip. It will also annoy and hurt them if you try to restrict their movement. Most people born in this period love to live in a world of their own, which can be interpreted as stubbornness, and because of that they suffer consequences.

It can be concluded that the member of this sign is himself the greatest enemy. As the Frog is one of the six signs of darkness or the signs of winter, it constantly strives for warmth, intimate proximity and emotional harmony because all winter signs are under the rule of the moon and therefore tend to their opposite - the sun.

Frogs, regardless of their individual flaws, strive for perfectionism, at least when it comes to work. This is where they show ambition. The characters of this sign are flexible, fit quickly into the environment, and love to plan.

Thanks to these benefits, they are generally able to materially stabilize through life.

For most of the characters of this sign, one could conclude that they were "resourceful as cats" because the Frogs really proved to be such.

An interesting detail about this sign is that its members do not hesitate to seek help anywhere from doctors, psychiatrists and astrologers - since they love predicting fate, especially when they are in a romantic relationship.This means that they are open to the occult and do not hesitate to do so. Healthily, this sign often has problems with the spine, arms or legs. They are prone to hysteria or depression, so they should be pursuing a hobby that can neutralize their stress.


Women of this sign have a specific behavior in a romantic relationship. They all like to act out that they do not particularly care for their partner, they are - allegedly - elusive, indifferent, or they behave inappropriately towards a man. However, if he chooses to leave them, then drama and a real eruption of hidden emotions ensue. In fact, it is only then that one can see how emotional and possessive female Frogs are.

They go to such an extent that they tend to make exams or pitfalls for their partner to convince them of their fidelity or love. What the women of this character lack is the femininity they often lose because of their stiffness, stubbornness and desire for dominance. However, if they had more sensuality like women born in a sign of a Dragon, they would’ve made almost perfect partners. The female Frog has one inherent narcosoidity, the need to be in the spotlight and to have a partner beside her to please her. Although communicative and social, she is not typically feminine emotionally.

It could be said that she tends to be somewhat dominant in her attitude towards children and her husband or lover. Although she may not pay too much attention to emotional harmony, she is a trusted partner and very passionate, but also, very often jealous and possessive. The man trying to win her over must be neat, well-dressed, friendly and stick to the deal.

The woman with personal number 7 defends herself by being silent, in fact, she can suffer and remain silent for a long time, but when she breaks down she compensates for everything she did not say.

The female Frog with the personal number 5 is hardworking, like most people born in this character, and loves making money and independence. In love, she is not of any luck, to which she herself is to blame, because she is often led by stubbornness and angst. Especially if she doubts the partner's honesty or loyalty.


A man born in a sign of a Frog is first and foremost a gourmet. He is calm in nature and rarely has aggressive outbursts. In a romantic relationship or in marriage a male Frog is usually the partner who adjusts, sacrificing one part of himself for the desire for harmony. This makes him a happy person at first, but through the future it negatively affects his confidence. As a family sign, they generally get married very early. Sometimes, when trying to be dominant with a partner or children, they give up their demands very quickly, because yielding is a character trait.

Male-Frog with personal number 6 is not overly ambitious and will generally only do what he has to do. He has similar behavior in a romantic relationship.

The Frog-man with personal number 7 is a theorist - he talks a lot, but does very little.

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Frog (15.01 - 15.02.)
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