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 Magic attacks

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A special kind of spells and negative energy that is not given enough attention is the so-called psychic or astral attacks. Unlike other types of occult practice, which may be directed at particular parts of the body or towards the body as a whole, these attacks are solely directed at the subconscious of the individual. They are performed mainly by those who are professionally involved in black magic.

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The purpose of the attack is quite simple: a witch or wizard catches a psychic contact with the person she wants to attack and then attacks her. These types of attacks manifest as severe and excruciating dreams, a feeling of decay, disorientation, suffocation or an unbearable stench that disappears as soon as the sleeper wakes up. But even after awakening, the person feels the effects of magic through various symptoms such as seeing sudden silhouettes that quickly disappear, it feels as if a firecracker has exploded in her head, a piercing sensation in her chest or her body is shaking sharply. In some cases, if the attacks are intense, the victim can literally go crazy and lose their mind completely.

Attacks after midnight

Black magicians, or persons who are devotedly engaged in black magic, are much stronger than is commonly known, and their magic attack is not easily stopped. Since such an attack comes from the astral plane, holy water, salt or garlic will not help you much. In fact, all these magical attacks happen at night, usually between midnight and three o'clock in the morning, when we sleep helplessly in bed. Using certain props such as photography, intense concentration and visualization, the black magician makes contact with the victim and, through the astral plane, attack the victim.

The astral world is exactly the one we dream of, it shapes our dreams and shows us different landscapes and persons. In it, one part of us, the spiritual one, is found during the night. So, in a way, it is separated from the physical body and place.

The best defense against such an attack is to try to wake up as soon as possible, which usually happens, because a magic attack is what we call a nightmare. If the nightmare is accompanied by temporary paralysis of the body, and this manifests itself in the way that we cannot open our mouths upon awakening, in which case we must be as seriously concerned as when we feel the weight and pain on the chest.

In order to weaken astral attacks, it is advisable to have some amulet on the body, preferably with text and symbols that target the astral attacks. Also, a table lamp should be left lit as light is known to diminish the effects of evil.

Magic attacks are most intense on the nights of the young and full moon, when everything is full of occult practice, and in the nights when the storm rages on.
No matter what the motive for the attack is, it is certainly one of the abusive uses of ability and magic knowledge. From such attacks, an individual who does not know magic is very difficult to defend, because the purpose of defense is to destroy the cause, not the consequences.
That is why I always advise that you do not seek help from priests in such cases, since they do not solve cause but only consequence, but rather with a person who is specifically engaged in occultism, or white magic, in order for help to be successful and prompt. If a person does not know magic sufficiently, they cannot successfully fight it. It is the same as going to a general practitioner to have your stomach operated on, because despite his certain medical knowledge he cannot help you - since he is not a surgeon.

Yew amulet

To diminish the intensity of the aforementioned evil, at least to some extent, use the amulet of the yew well. Since ancient times, a certain magical and civilizational connection between wood and man has been known. For this reason, as a protection against black magic and negative energy, it is useful to have some chips or yew (Taxus baccata). Such a piece of wood can be carried in a purse or pocket all the time or when you need some stronger protection from negative people and rooms. It is a very effective props for energy vampires or people who have a curse on them and thus have evil eyes.

Before storing such an amulet in your pocket or purse, it should be held in your left hand for ten minutes, with a red candle in front of you. After this short time, yew will take on its prophylactic properties and will save you in the necessary situations. However, as soon as you take the yew away, magic protection ceases to work, so if you want to use it as an amulet again, you need to repeat the ritual described above.
If you want yew to weaken the nightly magic attacks then hold it on your chest near your heart so that it can be energetically strengthened and thus reduce the power of the evil effect on your subconscious. It is known from occult circles that evil spells most attack the heart, kidneys and liver.

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Magic attacks
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