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 How to get rid of black magic

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The lesser forms of black magic, ie. magic that has not been present in your life for more than half a year can be eliminated on its own without the help of another person. This will require three straws removed from your broom, a new knife (not used) and a basil waist. For this ritual, it is best to collect nine glasses of water from nine springs that you will pour into one bottle, and if that is not possible, then at least from three springs.

The ritual of deliverance is always performed in the morning, before sunrise, or before dawn. The most ideal day for exorcism is Tuesday, though you can still perform it on other days, but avoid Saturday.
Always perform the ritual alone without the presence of others.

Turn east and dip three broom straws into a bottle, and right-hand move them up and down saying this three times:

Big broom, big lady,
you've cleaned all the houses,
all the corners,
so wash me too,
and cleanse me of every disease,
all the magic, all the dirt.
If it's put in my drink,
in my meal, in my bed,
let the help of God come to me
and let me wash
with this basil all over my body.

Then remove the straws, and place them on the table. Take the basil, then immerse it in water and do the same thing, saying,

As basil grows in the garden
and honey in the hive,
so can I heal,
with the power and help of God.

Then put away the basil branch and take the knife, as you dip it rhythmically into the water up and down three times, say this:

You, big knife, big sir,
you have cut everything in front of you,
so cut out all the magic that is directed at me.

After that, drink some water (three sips), then pour yourself from head to toe in the bathroom with bottled water. Do not wipe, but wait for the body to dry on its own.

Then put together a knife, a basil branch and a broomstick next to each other, and wrap it nine times with a red thread and place it under the bed where you sleep, exclusively in the area under your head. It will protect you from magical attacks and can also help you dream of the person who cast the spell on you, thus exposing them.

In addition, the following ritual is considered very powerful and thus effective against black magic and witchcraft. Namely, in order to get rid of the hate, negative propaganda, as well as the troubles caused by black magic, go into the forest and chop nine twigs, with nine different species of trees. In doing so, make sure that the branch from which you cut the nine twigs is the ninth in the tree. You always tear them ten inches near the top. You will end up with nine bunches with nine twigs in each. All this is put into a new, unused pot, and pour spring water over the sprigs to keep it above them, then leave the pot on fire to keep the water warm. With this warm water, take a bath and throw the twigs down the river.

After that, starting Sunday night, you need to shake off some unwashed parts of your sweatshirt every night, nine nights in a row, above the flames of fire. As you shake your clothes nine times, repeat this magic formula:

Ew, ew, unclean spirit,
go back where you came from,
go where only the rocks are in the cold valleys.
Where the black cock does not sing,
where the black hen does not bear eggs.
Release me, to be pure, bright,
purified as silver, to shine as gold,
with the power and help of God.

As you repeat this ritual for nine days, you must not lend anything to anyone, or give anything out of your home. All rituals, including this one, are done far away from others in order to obey the occult rule "no one can hear and see you".
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How to get rid of black magic
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