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 Find out if you have magical potential

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When I recently wrote about angels, I mentioned their connections to children in the folklore of the Bosnian and Romanian people. And as it always happens, one story leads to another, so without much hesitation, I can view this text as a continuation of the research of innate human spirituality, in order to at least partially provide an insight into its fascination.

Spiritual strength or spiritual power is crucial in all types of occultism, but also religiosity itself. Namely, every success of rituals and ceremonies depends exclusively on the inner strength of man. As we all know, any prayer is based on faith and of course as such should have its effect, but it will be absent if there is no spiritual strength in the one who prays. Until it awakens in a person, no ritual or action will have a significant effect and will quickly fail.

Spiritual powers exist within every human being, but these forces are not the same for all people. To some people, these powers are very weakly expressed, in others they are mediocre, and yet in the third group, the smallest one, they have an enviable range of action. It is interesting to note that in 90% of children, spiritual powers are innate and actively last until puberty, which is why most of them are open and cheerful. Similarly, 50% of women have spiritual power, as they are by nature more open to belief in the supernatural and therefore can more easily perceive and detect mystical things and phenomena, unlike men. However, precisely because of these spiritual abilities, women more often have problems with occult phenomena, that is, they more easily become targets of black magic, being affected by the sight of evil eyes and attacks by ghosts.

According to spiritual teachers, only 2% of men are spiritually active, which fully corresponds to the writings of ancient and medieval writers, according to whom, in addition to one wizard, a hundred witches come. But this should not be an obstacle for the male sex to develop their spirituality, because it is given to all of us. Namely, the spiritual forces in man depend on the five senses, and these five senses depend on the structure of the human brain. In childhood, the brain of almost all people is soft, the senses are sharpened and spiritual potentials are at a high level, but as a person matures and ages physically, the brain becomes hardened and the internal forces become weaker and less expressed. As a result, older people feel an increasing fear of death, while it was, for example, almost imperceptible in childhood and adolescence. It should be emphasized that death is also a spiritual experience, which leads to the transformation of form, but it is only not feared by the elderly who are spiritually strong.

Also, it is a fascinating fact that some people do not have a naturally hardened brain, that is, if a layer of hard tissue does not form on the pineal gland, their spiritual power does not weaken. This is the only reason why some individuals get results in the first days of practicing a ritual, such as summoning ghosts, while others try tirelessly dozens of times but without success. All this leads to openly expressed frustration and doubt in magical or religious rites. Individuals driven by a burning desire to experience a supersensible experience, make contact with hidden entities or become excellent in magic, wholeheartedly search for proven rituals, adhere to rigorous rules for repeating many prayers and formulas, fasting, sharing alms and seclusion but still all their efforts remain without results. However, it would be wrong to call all this a failure and a waste of time, but a more appropriate definition would be that it is a sign that the arithmetic of spiritual action has not yet begun to affect the inner strength.

The palm as a detection zone

Human palms are an ideal map for the detection of spiritual potentials, and anyone who wants to get confirmation that he possesses a natural talent for the occult should pay attention to the signs he received at birth..

1. This is a sign that shows the ability to predict the future. It is usually shown in people who gained this power after experiencing extreme stress, for example, after an accident, clinical death, or the death of a loved one.

2. This is a sign that sensitive and subtle people have, ideal for people with the potential to be a spiritual medium

3. This is not a mystical sign, but a symbol that speaks of a strong personality that reveals that it is a person of exceptional charisma and inner magnetism. A person with such a sign can very easily develop the ability to hypnosis.

4. A sign that reveals the ability to heal..

5. A sign that speaks of insight, the ability to find a way to hidden secrets and mysteries, usually after some traumatic experience.

6. People with this sign have strength in their words. They are able to reconcile quarreling people through conversation, confront them with problems and, like teachers, guide them in solving them. Quality psychologists and psychiatrists have this sign.

7. The ring of the black wizard. People with this sign have a large amount of negative energy and have evil eyes.

8. The mystical cross in the middle of the palm, a sign that this man is in complete harmony with himself and the world around him. Often these people can predict the future, help with their wisdom, and heal the sick.

9. This is a sign of suggestion, the ability of hypnosis.

10. Whoever has this sign on his palm, his dreams are prophetic. If there is an island on this line, then it also has the power of telepathy.

11. This sign is called the "guardian angel," and such a person has a high potential of energy whose words and thoughts are very easily materialized.

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Find out if you have magical potential
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