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 The most dangerous and oldest magic - knots

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Most occultists believe that knots were the first props that the ancient wizards of Persia, Chaldea, and Egypt began to use in their rituals. This is certainly not without reason and is inspired by the belief that human destiny is represented symbolically as a thread of silk or wool. Ritual tying and untying of thread or wool could magically affect anyone’s life. In the esoteric notion, a knot is accumulated or blocked energy, which is retained in one place, or location which it represents and thus contains the spiritual power to affect the human body and psyche. A pictorial example of the magic is of a man being sexually bound where a white thread is dipped in vinegar and then knots are tied on it with the utterance of special words. It is interesting to note that the number of knots is always an odd number (3, 7, 9, 11, 41), and as their number increases, the magic itself gains power.

The knot ritual is most often performed with the intention of connecting one person to another and is therefore usually placed in the domain of love magic. However, such work has a dualistic nature, it can be used for positive as well as negative purposes. When it is in the service of a noble goal, such as preserving someone's marriage, by preventing the partner from leaving the home, then the following procedure is usually done. Forty-one knots are tied on a thin rope, saying the person's name when each knot is tied, and then this is added: "Let you be tied to me and the house like this" and then blow into the knot. After the tying is finished, the rope is placed under a mat, in front of the doorstep, before the desired person arrives. The moment the person steps on the mat, he or she becomes "tied" to the house and has no strength or will to leave.

Very evil spells exist which are traditionally performed in Turkey for special purposes and one of them is to force the bridegroom to commit suicide. This is done by tearing off a 70cm long thread from freshly spun wool, then washed in salted water and dried off. Then the ashes from the furnace are sprinkled on the thread and the name of the person which is to be enchanted is spoken, seven knots are tied at equal intervals, repeating a certain magic oath all throughout the ritual while blowing on the right and left side. At the end of the process the tied thread is taken away and discreetly placed under the doorstep of the future bridegroom, usually the night before the wedding. Due to the action of the described magic, according to the testimony of some people, the bridegroom hangs herself.

The magic of augmented reality

If the knots are intended to provoke love feelings, then the story about them is much more interesting but also more complex. Namely, it is believed that this is the spell that most strongly affects a person's emotional world, as it directly affects the heart and brain of the victim. Reportedly, thanks to the magic of knots, many women have come across a man they like. It is also claimed to be used by individual merchants to persuade people to buy and make money, and it is noted that in ancient times generals practiced this magic to ensure that soldiers unconditionally carried out their orders.

The specificity of the described magic is that the persons who are enchanted do not accept the possibility that their feelings were artificially created because they are firmly convinced that the infatuation is real and the result of true love. In fact, it is not even possible for them to have a reasonable opinion, since the magic of knots covers all aspects of a person. In other words, a person who is "bound" cannot think otherwise. Presented in more detail, this magic dominates over seven human feelings at the same time and they are: love, hate, jealousy, fear, hope, joy and dream. If you take a closer look at this list, you will notice that the first six refer to positive and negative emotions, while the seventh is related to the sphere of sleep, that is, the time when the body and soul are resting. The dreams we see while sleeping affect us, mostly subconsciously, as do the events we experience while being awake. Based on this fact it can be concluded that the magic of knots surrounds a person in all aspects.

But, even though it is powerful sorcery, its weakness should be emphasized, which is reflected in the fact that it has a temporary effect. According to occult books, magic with knots works for 271 days or about nine months. This period is considered long enough for a woman to have a lasting relationship with the desired man. Some other sources claim that this enchantment could last for five years.

In the practice of working with knots, multicolored threads are used, so it is necessary to be instructed in the symbolism itself in order to be able to choose the right color in accordance with the desire or goal. For example, if you want someone to blindly fall in love with you, choose a red colored rope or thread. The basic rule is that the most effective witchcraft is the one performed with the right colored thread. In addition to red, purple is also used for love, when you want the relationship to be dynamic, while the white thread is used so that the partner does not become passive, boring and so on. Witchcraft with a thread that has seven multicolored threads in it is considered to be one of the most effective spells for love bounding. Also, it is common for the effects to take place, on average, within the first two weeks, which again depends on the color of the thread used in its production.

It is noticeable that there are variations of this magic, among which are spells with stronger and weaker intensity of action, which is again conditioned by the number of knots. If one person should fall in love with another, a black thread is used, to which seven knots are tied, while if a married man is enchanted, who should fall in love with his mistress, then 41 knots are tied on a red thread. Other materials needed for the spell are a little salt, white paper and four pebbles. During the spell, while the knots are tied on the rope, the names of the Jinns who will shape the feelings are repeated.

Some occultists borrow the Jinns, as well as their masters, to empower their work, while others use the servants of magic called Hudam, also invisible beings, whose power is stronger than that of a Jinn. After the knots are tied, the salt is poured on a flat surface after which the paper is burned and the ashes mixed with it. The resulting mixture of salt and ash is thrown into a lake, river or sea. The four pebbles are thrown into the direction of the four corners of the world, making sure that the distance between them is at least 12 steps. As each stone is thrown, the names of the Jinn and the person with whom this enchantment should provoke infatuation are spoken.

When performing the described magic, it is very important to be discreet and invisible to others, because if the details of what was done are revealed, it can happen that the magic itself changes direction. Which actually means deviating from the original purpose and focusing on something completely different which can mean deteriorating health, causing a mental imbalance, disorder or even a desire to commit suicide. When it comes to the witchcraft of 41 knots, then there is no doubt it’s the work of black magic, with which, among other things, a person's happiness or destiny, wealth, job and mental health are "bound". Such magic is extremely dangerous and harmful. Soon after the sorcery is done and planted, the persons job gets worse, they lose money and health. In some cases, knots can even lead to death. It is generally believed that the witchcraft of 41 knots is difficult, if not impossible, to remove from the victim. Namely, its action can be ended only by an extremely spiritually strong person, whose prayers are answered by God.

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The most dangerous and oldest magic - knots
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