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 Palestinian bloody tears are a disgrace to the whole world

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Palestinian bloody tears are a disgrace to the whole world Empty
KomentarNaslov komentara: Palestinian bloody tears are a disgrace to the whole world   Palestinian bloody tears are a disgrace to the whole world Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2021 4:49 pm

According to the definition of the West, if someone attacks you, kills you and commits ethnic cleansing and genocide against your people, and you resist them in that, you become a terrorist because you are not allowed to defend yourself. You just need to stand still while they shoot at you and your family. Therefore, when you dare to say the word “Islamic terrorist” or "militant groups" let all of you be ashamed! Because by that name you are actually hiding real terrorists and murderers among yourself and your hypocrisy, which has no boundaries.

Like it or not, the only smart thing Hitler did was the plan to exterminate the Jews, which, unfortunately for the whole world, failed. If the Nazis had succeeded in destroying the worst people in the world today, the Middle East would be a region of peace. There would be no terrorism either, since it arose as a result of the resistance of the Arab people to ethnic cleansing and the genocide undertaken against it by Europe and the United States, together helping Israel in a clear and open hatred of Muslims. Even today, while the Palestinian people are dying, the same West is defending the aggressor and states that the perpetrator has the right to defend himself if the victim resists ?!

A monstrous EU-US project known as Israel, who is always a victim and a winner, depending on the situation, is the greatest disgrace of the civilized world that sustains and nourishes it in every way. Israel, without a doubt, exists as the capital of evil from where it spreads its poison all over the world. It is interesting how Germany, France or the UK have been arming Israel for decades, so that it can carry out genocide against the Palestinians, and then hypocritically advocate Palestine as an independent state ?! There is no need to waste words on the hypocrisy of the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt. They are not even Muslims, let alone people. The United States, as we all know, is absolutely committed to the destruction of Palestine and its people, and the largest supplier of weapons with which Israel kills Palestinians every day. But the same USA is very eloquent when it comes to publishing annual reports on human rights in the world and criticizing other countries and peoples. Of course, in these hypocritical reports you will never read anything about the genocide against the Palestinian people funded and supported by the USA itself, along with its partners: Germany, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the rest of the criminal gang. All of them care only about money and their own interests, but you will notice that they skillfully hide their inhumanity and criminal nature behind false democracy and religiosity.

Palestine is the best example and proof that there is no democracy, justice, humanity and no God. These are all the inventions of skilled manipulators who are ruled by the masses. If there was democracy, Palestine would have been a peaceful state for a long time. If there was justice, Israel would have long ago been prosecuted and convicted for genocide against the Palestinian people. If there was humanity, the EU and the USA would not arm Israel for decades and be a direct participant in the genocide. If there was a God, the Israelites would be a normal and humane people and not a bunch of beasts and murderers. Israel should be proof to all of you that God is a mere fabrication and that even the Israelites themselves do not believe in Him. Because if they believed, they would know that killing is a mortal sin. And most importantly - Israel is a symbol of the moral decline of the whole world and proof of how evil, inhumane and definitely inferior humans are to animals.

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Palestinian bloody tears are a disgrace to the whole world
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