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 The evil spell of lard

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In the occult world, it is believed that there are individual animals that possess great potential for making various spells. Among the most famous animals is certainly the bat, which found its place in love magic, while in black magic the pig took its place. The pig gained this infamous reputation probably due to the well-known fact that in Islam and Judaism it is considered a dirty and sinister animal, and as such a favorite among evil spirits.

Witches and wizards are especially in demand for her fat, due to which demonic beings are summoned, as a result of which the spell achieves its full effect in a short time. However, it should be emphasized that lard does not have magical power in itself, it only acquires it when certain magic words and names of various demons are uttered above the fat.

There are many ways to enchant with it, which can be divided into Armenian and Turkish. According to one description of what is said above lard, the focus is on the names of the man and woman who need to be separated, respecting the difference between whether they are married or engaged. If they are only engaged then the name of the man is repeated 41 times and the name of the woman 72 times. However, if they are married then the number of repetitions increases by four times so the name of the man is repeated 164 times and the women 288 times. It's all done at night, preparing and setting magic, in order to activate it successfully.

There are several descriptions in Turkish love rituals for making magic to attract a desired person, but such sorcery is claimed to be unable to create love but only temporary sexual desire, as the primary power of lard is to sow hatred and misery. That is why fat is widely used in rituals for separating spouses.

In Armenia, a witch packs some lard in a box and puts it in her bosom, then goes to church asking the priest to read her prayers, which he does, not even knowing what it is all about. After that, she leaves the church and spreads the lard on the mattress on which the loving couple she wants to separate sleeps. Shortly afterwards, the husband and wife see a pig's face in each other, and hatred and quarrel break out between them.

Some occultists claim that the enchanted lard shows its effect very quickly, in just 11 days. So, if the feelings between a woman and a man change during a week and a half then it is certainly reasonable to suspect the described form of magic. Furthermore, there is a belief that this sorcery has the power to last, that is, it has a negative effect on a person for a full three years, after which he loses power. As soon as the effect stops, the man and the woman, who are separated by quarrels, begin to feel great regret for each other.

Suspicious yellow stain

As we can conclude from all the above, the magic with lard is one of the most famous in the domain of black magic. According to esotericists, it is a very powerful sorcery that can turn people's lives upside down. In general, its primary goal is to harm anyone it targets. The list of things that can be negatively affected is long, and these are just some of the goals: to fail in business, cause unrest in the family, block happiness, discredit a person in society and upset the balance of human spiritual strength. When, for example, it is used as a spell to separate a spouse, then it is able to provoke tense situations between husband and wife, which turn into an argument, then distance and finally hatred imbued with an unstoppable desire to separate.

This magic is easily recognized by the fact that it is planted on someone by applying or spreading lard on the front door of the house or on the doorknob or on clothes, as a result of which a yellow stain remains visible. As soon as it is applied to the desired surface, the magic begins to work for 40 days, usually manifested by extreme irritability, outbursts of sudden anger, as well as hatred towards the people around you. It is therefore realistic to suspect this witchcraft if a person changes abruptly for no reason. Also, lard is secretly applied to objects in the victim's house, walls and floor, and is often placed in food and even buried in the yard.

How to discover and undo magic?

If you suspect that you could be a potential target of the spell described, see if you have any of these symptoms:

When you are away from the person you love you appreciate her and miss her. However, when you see her, you feel meaningless hatred.

In a person who has been subjected to the magic of lard, the tongue is often tangled when speaking.

Unlike other forms of black magic, people affected by the action of lard do not have problems sleeping, they even sleep deeper and more intensely than in previous periods.

In the house where they live, a faint bitter odor is often felt in the air. However, only those who are affected by magic can smell this scent.

People affected by this spell also do not like to be locked in a house, they often become distracted and tend to move away from the place where prayers from the Qur’an or the Bible are said.

As already mentioned, when lard is applied on the threshold, walls or home furniture, it leaves a visible yellow mark, which can be detected immediately. Among the Turkish people, it is claimed that vinegar is an ideal drink that can break and destroy the magic of lard. According to that claim, if all those places where fat exists are sprayed with vinegar, the magic will be annulled. If lard is smeared on clothes, then throw it in the trash. By doing so, you have removed and stopped her influence on you.

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The evil spell of lard
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