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 Justice is on Palestine's side

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Justice is on Palestine's side   Justice is on Palestine's side Icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2021 5:50 pm

The solution for Palestine and Israel is very simple. Two states with borders from 1967, with the capitals of Tel Aviv and Ramallah, and Jerusalem as a district, where all three religions will have the same rights. If the EU and the USA could have constructed today's BiH, Israel and Palestine could use such a model. Such a division would satisfy everyone, because although both sides would feel deprived, in time they would realize that such a division was not a bad solution.

Although some countries pretend to be blind, it is clear to the whole world today that the Jews are a bloodthirsty and heartless people who have been torturing, killing and persecuting the Palestinian people for decades. That is the only truth that obviously cannot reach certain cold European hearts. But, as Europeans have always been murderers, it is realistic that they cannot have solidarity with the victim, but only with the murderer. No wonder the two great world wars began in Europe. The Third will also begin, because all this with Palestine and the complete indifference of the impotent EU to the crimes in Gaza are proof that we again have a Europe that is slowly preparing for its own catastrophe. Wherever there is no humanity, empathy and real care for the helpless and endangered means that society has reached a critical point. And we see that in the EU because of its many members, especially Hungary, France and Austria. Germany ... there are too many to list. In short, 80 percent of the EU.

The fact that the EU calls Hammas "terrorists" on American orders will not mask the truth that you are trying to make the people living in Gaza the villains, the largest concentration camp in the world, and the people fighting for physical survival, just because you are cowards and have no humanity. . The crucial problem of the EU is that it is afraid of the USA and cannot take its tongue out of the American ass. In short, the EU is politically and militarily impotent and as such rather poor. We in BiH, who experienced genocide before the eyes of the same EU, know this best. The EU has not helped us as much as it will never help Palestine. The EU is a helpless creation under the complete rule of America. We can freely call it an American colony, because it is.

Anti-Semitism does not exist because the Semites include the Arabs. How can Arabs be anti-Semites ?! There is no anti-Semitism but there is Zionism, which is a new form of Nazism, and Zionism is being fought by the Arabs and all the normal people of this world. The Holocaust was 70 years ago. Everyone who was part of the Holocaust died. Until when will that be a pathetic excuse for Germany to send weapons to Israel? Germany is participating in the genocide again, this time against the Palestinians? Yes, Germany is a participant in the genocide of Gaza and Palestine. And that is why we are all fed up with that German hypocrisy.

France takes the right to insult God’s Prophet Muhammad and two billion Muslims in the name of freedom of speech but that same freedom of speech disappears when it comes to Jews. You have to admit that this French democracy and freedom of speech is very strange. Or to put it better - open hatred towards Muslims and thus Palestinians. That is why today, under the ruins of buildings across Gaza, lie the dismembered bodies of Palestinian children who were killed by Jews with French weapons.

The message of the Palestinian people to the EU is very short: Shame on you! You all carry on your soul over a million Palestinians killed! These same Palestinians removed the false masks from your faces and showed what you really are: ruthless and without any conscience. You are terrorists, you kill! You are sending tons of weapons to Israel, killing women and children in Gaza and Palestine. If there is a God, someone will kill your children the same way tomorrow because that is the only justice. You too must experience the greatest pain to become human again.

The Palestinians will not surrender and will not lose Gaza and Palestine, and also know that the Arab and Iranian people will never turn their backs on the Palestinians, no matter what Israel thinks. The Arab states are not their governments, which come and go, but the people who truly hate Israel and injustice. So in some new war, which will surely happen between Israel and the Arab peoples, Israel will be destroyed. The Middle East is full of weapons of all kinds and Iraqis, Iranians, Yemenis, Syrians, Turks and Afghans have a rich war experience "thanks" to the USA. Even if half a million Arab soldiers were killed, the statistics are on their side, because Israel will lose its entire population, and cease to exist. Israel will be struck by the fate of ancient Rome, which believed to be invincible. That's what Hitler thought. The USA thought the same in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq ... But there are no invincibles.

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Justice is on Palestine's side
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