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 Four types of penis

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Four types of penis   Four types of penis Icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2021 5:10 am

There is an ancient wisdom described in the Arabic book Baitul Haqq which writes about recognizing the character and characteristics of a man by the appearance of his penis. This wisdom is based on the belief that all penises can be classified into four elements which are earth, water, fire and air. However, as the text of the book dictates, most penises are actually a combination of two or three of the above elements.

This type is easy to recognize. Its shape is similar to a vegetable whose root is deep in the soil like yam, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. It is a type of root that will only thrive when planted deep in dark and moist soil. Usually the earthen penis is large and long, irregular in shape and darker in color. The testicles are large, hairy and long. A man who owns the penis of the earth element is of a faithful (domestic) nature and very capable. He is creative and energetic which is a crucial virtue for any successful marriage. He leans towards the usual practice of relationships and rarely deviates from established norms of behavior. He may seem a little violent, but he prefers to make love simply and spontaneously, as is his nature. It is sometimes said that the type of man who has an earthen penis is "less smart."

This type of penis is usually long, thin and pale in color, and the testicles are light, round, and medium in size. It is a so-called artistic penis and its owner is usually of a fun nature and often an artist. It is common for an aerial penis to be distorted on its axis, and it is therefore possible that a good percentage of men to whom it belongs have an unusual sexual appetite or like to experiment in sex. An air penis is usually thought to be promiscuous or unfaithful and makes its owner a swindler. However, if the partner wins his heart then the man of the air penis becomes a quality and imaginative partner and is never monotonous in bed.

This category of penis is considered to be the most masculine. The character of the man who owns it is usually aggressive, can be strenuous or introverted. The shape of this penis is compact, straight and balanced, but not long. As for the color, it is bright red or bright pink. A man who has the penis of the element of fire possesses a burning and seductive appetite and is therefore attracted to many women. Sex with its owner is usually “fiery,” and married life with that man can be extremely passionate. But most women may not tolerate his attitude.

For the penis of the water element, softness is a characteristic feature. It is usually shorter in length, soft in shape and feminine. Men who have a watery penis are most often guardians of marital happiness. They will cook, wash, iron clothes and so on. Because of this "motherly" role he takes on, his partner can sometimes feel guilty and scared, especially if she loves the job herself. Usually, a man with a water penis is strong in his sexual desire and is a good stimulator that easily encourages a woman to make love to him.
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Four types of penis
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