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 Two ways to get knowledge about magic

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From ancient times, magical knowledge was acquired in two ways- through books and through an oral tradition. The first way can be called elite, because obtaining knowledge that way was available only to a handful of chosen people who were acquainted with the mystical arts through teachings about using mysterious forces embodied in the names Allah, magical alphabet and vekf's. Traditional transmission of magical knowledge to family members was the most frequent way of initiating into the supernatural. This way can be considered as better, and more useful than the previous one because the knowledge and experience that is gathered over generations is a measurable source of wisdom and power unlike obscure texts and formulas from ancient authors that are protected.

Another important factor that vindicates the above mentioned, is the acquisition of the necessary permit for spiritual work from a teacher-forerunner which is after all one of the key elements for occult work.

How does Sihr work?

Today when occultism and clairvoyance are experiencing their renaissance, various untrue stories and misinformations are being spread about magic. The lowest form of magic- sorcery is being hit the hardest. Even though serious spiritualists avoid this form because it represents succumbing to low passions and impulses, it is the main reason for the bad reputation of occultism. At the very beginning it is important to say that we are talking about manipulation of the uninformed masses who are fed lies through newspapers and shallow books about something that might be called "house magic" where an unhappy wife needs to give her husband three drops of menstrual blood in his coffee or to touch him with spellbound honey and a miracle will take place. Those are notorious absurdities that are of no use and they should be considered as fairy tales and romantic prescription that were made up by old ladies while they were knitting socks.

If we consider this logically, any person that has made a blood transfusion would be incurably in love with the donor because as these prescriptions claim, the person that drinks a couple of drops of blood from your pinky will be madly in love with you. If magic (sorcery) was that easy wouldn't it be logical then that everyone would use sihr's on one another, and they wouldn't do anything else? Because it wouldn't be necessary.

Real magic only works in the hands of an experienced individual who is familiar with the first law of magic, namely: in the world of magic nothing comes for free, everything has a price. In other words this would mean that for every service that we expect we need to do a counter service. To whom? To spiritual beings (Jinn) who are the backbone of magic. Without their help no magic has an effect. According to spiritual laws a magi or a magician can influence another person through his Jinn if he manages to find out his name, namely, every man has his copy in the spiritual world (Karin) that directly influences him through his subconscious. If the magi succeeds to dominate the human copy in the spiritual world then he has control over that man. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to influence another person through magic but they are all based on the contact with the spiritual beings.

Besides this every initiate into the Arabian occultism knows that a large number of magical operations are subject to astrology. Namely, every successful magical operation has in its own basis a positive astrological influence which is shown through some of the planets in the astrological clock or the zodiac sign. In accordance with that, for all magical influences a culprit can be found in the position of certain planets. By this we mean Saturn, Pluto and Neptune whose influence is the strongest when he is in the 8th house a symbol of the magical and the occult. Of course the positions of other planets are also important in determining magical influences. Red or love magic can be easily traced by following the position of Venus, whose influence can be seen through Fridays and its astrological clocks because most love rituals are based on them.

There are many ways in which humans can return favors to ghosts, namely; to pray to them, reading verses from the Quran, doing some religious practices for the Jinn (if we are talking about Jinn believers), doing dishonest things (if we are talking about Jinn that are atheist), there were cases that a male Jinn or a female Jinn which is in contact with the magi wishes the magi as his intimate partner and (supernatural) intimate contacts take place, sometimes they go so far to have a supernatural marriage and such.

How this communication between the Jinn and the Magi look like is best illustrated by this Turkish description of the ceremony of magic. When some girl is not returning affection to some boy who has been in love with her for a long time, feelings of love obsession are developed in him which prompt him to seek help from some powerful magician.

The whole process of sorcery is done in several parts and the first one is of course the classical "looking into the stars" to discover all the similarities between the male and the female on the basis of personal data. The practical part of the ritual begins on Friday, after the nightly prayers, when the magi goes to the house of the boy and sits next to the fire place. Holding in his hand salt and speaking some Jinn spells or azamet he throws it into the fire. As soon as the salt starts cracking the magi pronounces the names of the boy and the girl, than he speaks "Bismillah" and spits into the fire.

Pronouncing spells with the salt is only the introduction into the serious part of the ritual, namely, after reading a verse from the Quran, he takes seven candles and places them in different spots around the fire place and in the end he lights them. That way creating ideal conditions for his occult work, he starts calling forth the Jinn pronouncing the verse Jinn. In a very short time the Jinn start arriving in the room, sitting around the lit candles waiting for the magi's orders.

The magi knows that he cannot hurry with his orders, therefore he draws seven triangles around the fire place and in everyone of them he writes a magical word "Hu". He repeats seven times the azimet walking around the house, blowing after every repetition. As soon as he stops next to a candle the magi loudly calls out the girls name continuing with the words "Ya eyyuhelervah" blowing to his left and right side.

With this he indicates the last part of his ritual when the orders are given to the Jinn and where he follows the events that he has set in motion with his magical operations. Before that he puts out one candle uttering the following words in Arabic: "You Jinn, bring me the soul of this candle, the girl is asleep." And then he puts out the rest of the candles.

The above mentioned ritual is repeated seven nights in a row. On the last night the magi writes the name of the girl on the boy's chest with a dark ink, giving a warning that no one can see that. By the magi's instruction the boy has to encircle the girl's house three times, three nights in a row while the magi tracks the condition of the Jinn that is in charge of the task. Seven days after the above described is done, the souls of the boy and the girl will be united and she will start to love the boy, for whom she never had any feelings.
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Two ways to get knowledge about magic
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