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 When a small army defeats the so-called "superpower" (again and again)

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When a small army defeats the so-called "superpower" (again and again) Empty
KomentarNaslov komentara: When a small army defeats the so-called "superpower" (again and again)   When a small army defeats the so-called "superpower" (again and again) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2021 2:52 am

Today, when most of the world watches with joy and laughter another American complete military defeat, the old question arises: Why did the USA carry out military aggression on Afghanistan when the entire planet Earth knows that America was attacked by Saudi Arabia on September 11? Everyone knows that most of the terrorists who took part in the attack that day were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and also that Osama bin Laden is a direct descendant of the Saudi monarchy. Also, it is important to note that no one in the world believes in the staged notion of the liquidation of Osama bin Laden, because that man is still alive and certainly lives comfortably in Saudi Arabia.

According to people who worked in Afghanistan in the peacekeeping mission, Osama bin Laden was a regular guest at the American base where he was taken care of with great care. Namely, he had accommodation, health services, and everything else he needed. But that shouldn't surprise you, since decades of experience have shown us that the American policy of destabilization, lies, and fraud is always behind the riots and destruction of a country. And which is most often created far from the White House.

Many people in the United States wonder why American foreign policy has been disastrous for more than 50 years, and why is it irreversibly damaging the country's reputation and geopolitical influence? The answer is very simple and lies in the fact that the United States has militarily and financially supported the three most brutal regimes in the Middle East for decades: Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. All three countries have very aggressive policies and bloody hands, probably following the example of America, because you can only be their ally if you show the same cruelty and criminal nature.

From the very beginning of its presence in the Middle East, the USA has pursued a catastrophic policy where, as we can see, it has taken as allies countries that are dictatorial and that have committed war crimes against other nations. Who else can be a friend and ally of Turkey (which committed genocide against Armenians, ethnic cleansing of the Kurds) or Israel, which has been carrying out ethnic cleansing and genocide against Palestinians for decades ?! Whose ally and friend are Saudi Arabia - the mother of terrorism and ISIL, Al Qaeda and all the other horrors of the 21st century ?! These are all historical facts that no one can deny.

Although the Jews are a people who truly hate everyone else, everyone who is not "holy" like them, in one thing the Israeli political elite is right when it comes to the Americans, and that is when they claim that they are very stupid people. Namely, it is known in psychology that it is easiest to manipulate people who are conceited and greedy. And that is exactly a brief description of the American political elite. It is ironic that the USA, in addition to its weapons and wealth, is nothing but the most ordinary puppet to the governments in Tel Aviv, Riyadh, and Ankara. An even bigger irony is that Americans think they rule others, and in fact, we are witnessing that small and geopolitically completely irrelevant countries are the true masters of Washington. All of us around the world know that the American president is not elected in the USA but in these countries. What happens in the USA during elections is a mere reality show. For a long time now, the American people, in essence, have not decided anything. Donald Trump became president on the orders of Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is the same with the current president, who, like his predecessor, is senile and dying. Weak president - weak country. Namely, the older or mentally ill the president is, the easier it is to manipulate and govern, that is, he is an ideal puppet for "friends and allies."

Finally, although the Americans declared the UK a failed empire, the real truth is that the UK is still a bigger empire than the USA because the British (who were not without reason declared the world's smartest nation) was wise and far-sighted enough not to enter an alliance with regimes crueler than themselves. It is with this wisdom that the USA should start to be guided if it does not want to experience a complete collapse soon and become just one regional power. And that’s exactly America’s biggest nightmare. And when that happens, and it will happen sooner or later, the USA will only then realize that it has never even had friends, let alone allies.
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When a small army defeats the so-called "superpower" (again and again)
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