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 BALKAN MAGIC: Love Spells and Invoking Happiness

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KomentarNaslov komentara: BALKAN MAGIC: Love Spells and Invoking Happiness   BALKAN MAGIC: Love Spells and Invoking Happiness Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2022 5:31 am

It is considered that the two most important days for each type of magic, arethe "young Friday" and "young Sunday", or in other words, the first Friday and Sunday when the new Moon appears.

On these special days, most of the occult actions were practiced in the Balkans, at least in the past. This rule was certainly inherited from the Ottomans, who in their conquest of the Balkans brought a multitude of magical beliefs from the Middle East, including that of the Moon and the magical properties of the first lunar days.

This time I will deal with some love recipes and, in a new text, I will go over other aspects of Balkan witchcraft.

The cloth used to tie a dead man's head, in order to keep his mouth shut, is often used in love spells. When a girl notices that her partner might become unfaithful, she would steal the cloth from a dead man, through which she would occasionally look at her lover and repeats this formula three times: "When the soul returns to that dead body, then you too have become unfaithful."

In order to make a certain man fall in love with her by using magic, a woman would cut off the nails from the dead man in this order: first those on the right hand and left foot, then the nails on the left hand and right foot. After the nails were cut, she would put them in a metal container and keep them in the oven at a high temperature until they are very dry and suitable for grinding into powder. At first given chance, this powder is poured into the drink or food of the desired man. After that, it is believed, that the enchanted man will fall in love with her.

A husband who wants to ensure his wife's fidelity on young Friday takes six pubic hair from his testicles and scatters them over the place his wife will cross. While he is doing this, he says the following: "Here are six hairs for you, six soldiers have come to you! As they serve their master, so shall you serve me in everything and be faithful! As pubic hairserves my penis, so shall you serve me!".

After coitus, a mistress, who wants to ensure that her sweetheart will come again, wipes her vagina with her finger and smears it on her lover's penis, saying softly, "As sweet as I am to you now, so will I always be."

When the husband no longer loves his wife, she puts a towel over the bed on a Saturday night, right before the young Sunday, and makes love to him in the morning. As soon as her husband gets out of bed, she takes out the towel, and then when he washes his face, she quickly hands it to him so that he can wipe his face with it.

After that, love and passion for his wife will reappear in him.


Balkan magic probably has the most homosexual beliefs and rituals than any other magic in the world.
When we take a closer look at all these recorded witch recipes and their purposes, we undoubtedly conclude that people in the Balkans, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, believed that homosexuals had special, almost fatalistic powers to change human destiny, invoke love, happiness, and health into the lives of heterosexuals. So, for example, whoever manages to get sperm from a gay person and sew it into the clothes they often wear is protected from all evil,and happiness favors them. If a child, who goes to school, puts a little of that sperm in his pocket, then they will become an outstanding student.


If a man has become impotent then, in order to heal, one should take fresh sperm from a homosexual and smear it on their penis saying, "As soon as this dirt comes out of the gay man, the sperm will come out of me!".


If you invest your money in a big job, then you would have to invite a neighbor or a friend who is a homosexualto dinner (barbecue). Keep a close eye on them and when they go to urinate somewhere outside, be sure that you go with them too. While urinating together, it is necessary to say in a quiet voice: "As urine quickly rushes out of the gay man’s penis, so will money and success come to me as quickly as well."

When someone accidentally sees a homosexual urinating or going number 2, they should firmly grab their butt and say: "As much as that gay man urinates or poops, so much happiness will follow me everywhere as well!"

Likewise, whoever manages to measure the gay man’s penis while erected, should carry that measure (thread) always with them in their wallet, as it will attract them a lot of business success.


When a homosexual is spotted while urinating, it is necessary to casually measure their penis, with a thread or a rope, then take that measure and leave it in the cattle barn and say: "As fast as this gay penis was, so fast will be my cattle."


To protect yourself from witches and black magicians when you are near them, it is necessary to connect the tips of the thumb and forefinger on one hand and to run the thumb between the forefinger and the middle finger on the other hand. This gives you complete protection against their attacks and spells. This is also very effective if you want to protect yourself from an energy vampire.
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BALKAN MAGIC: Love Spells and Invoking Happiness
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