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KomentarNaslov komentara: FRAGRANCE AGAINST EVIL   FRAGRANCE AGAINST EVIL EmptySat Feb 04, 2023 5:24 am

Incense is the act of burning aromatic substances whose smoke drives away evil spirits. It "purifies" the space in which it is lit, removing bad vibrations, to allow the arrival of good spirits or light energy. It is important to emphasize that incense is not an invention of Judaism or Christianity since the use of fragrance is an old magical practice that dates back to the time of pagan religions, and which was especially perfected by the ancient Egyptians.

The use of incense and other aromatic substances is actually a universal skill and in itself represents contact or communication, that is, a person's address to the Gods, entities, or God through something physical, i.e. resin, herbs, smoke, and smell.

We should also not forget to say that in the Arab tradition, it is claimed that jinn and devils, that is, spirits "feed" on the smell of incense; those bad spirits like to consume sharp and unpleasant smells, while jinn believers are attracted to incense with a pleasant smell. This should not be surprising since incense is the original magical prop. In the Christian tradition, it is narrated that the Three Kings, i.e. the three Persian magicians, brought incense to Jesus among the gifts, which in itself proves who used it before the origin of this religion.

Precisely because of everything that has been presented so far, it should be noted that incense is not a 100% anti-ghost remedy because black magicians use it to summon demons and cast spells. The same is the case with garlic, which most people don't even know about, in addition to its ability to ward off spells and spirits, it is also considered a prop for magic and casting spells.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that there are no universal means of protection and defense against evil. Finally, nothing can help a person in whom evil is stronger than good, praying in vain and visiting places of worship, burning incense, and going on pilgrimages if human mouths and eyes are full of malice and dark thoughts. It is always easier to stick to evil than good.

Even though you do not need any special reason to fumigate your living space, there are certain alarming signs when such a procedure is necessary. One of them is when any door in the house opens without anyone touching it, which is a sign that the devil himself has entered the house. Or after the funeral of a family member, a mysterious knock appears, the floor creaks, or objects fall for no reason.

Also, those born during a leap year should burn incense on Fridays at least a few times every year. Namely, these people are more prone to encounters with evil and to fall under the influence of dark forces.

Esotericists, and especially fortune tellers, have the habit of burning their cards, beans, or some other means of divination after the client leaves, to remove bad luck or bad luck left by the visitor.


In Brazil, the house is traditionally incensed on Fridays, although, of course. it can be on any other day. In Portugal, it is usually considered auspicious to fumigate the house at noon or midnight with rosemary, lavender, and incense. As the censer goes through the house and spreads smoke in every room, this formula is repeated: "In the glory of God and the Virgin Mary, I go around the house to burn incense so that the bad can leave and the good can enter."

The Brazilian formula when burning incense at home reads like this: "The lady incensed her son to smell, I incense my house so that evil goes out and good comes in!".

Instead of this formula, this one can be said: "I incense my house, my body and my spirit, my paths and everywhere I walk, with this incense with which Jesus was incensed."

To expel evil spirits from the house, incense must be burned on Fridays, right after the sun sets. The ritual should be repeated until the spiritual entities leave your living space. It should be noted that often the house is possessed by the spirits of dead people, usually ancestors or family members. It is recommended to always add a few bay leaves to the incense to drive away the smoke and not to invite ghosts into the house.

The best protection against the entry of negative energy and evil spirits into the home is to have a black cat as a pet.


In Brazilian and Portuguese folk traditions, incense with rosemary and ruta graveolens is highly prized. It is especially good to incense a newborn child with roots to protect it from all bad influences during the first 40 days. It is said that rosemary should be planted in the yard because it must be incensed when someone wants to relieve something, such as a tired person or a woman in labor, to speed up her labor and reduce pain. Likewise, his smoke keeps all your enemies at a distance.

The special feature of rosemary is that it attracts good luck. To perform such an incense, however, the rosemary must be stolen, since bought or given as a gift does not have the blessing of Fortune, the goddess of luck. As soon as it is thrown onto the embers and the smoke is released, the person smoking it must say: "Holy rosemary, you were born without being sown, to give me happiness you must be stolen." Just as you incensed the holy child in Bethlehem, so you will incense me and give me happiness in everything I want".
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