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 BiH according to numerology

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This is some brief information on the numerological coincidences in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 29.08.1189 is considered to be "birthday" of the country Bosnia, since it is the oldest date in her history, and this date is used in all calculations since it is fundamental, basic, no matter to the later historical rewriting and adding or subtraction of theories.
2+9+8+1+1+8+9=38, which is 3+8=11 (remember this number) and in the end 1+1=2
With this addition we received the number of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is number 2, which among other things signifies partnership which is witnessed by the letter "i"(and) in the name of the state - Bosnia and Herzegovina. What the number tells us you can partially discern by reading the text "meaning of numbers".

Number of disaster - 11

Officially the aggression from JNA (Serbia and Montenegro), but also ethnic cleansing, on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina begun on April 6th 1992. 6+4+1+9+9+2=31, i.e. 3+1=4. Number 4 is the symbol of blockade and restriction. It is known that the military aggression started when the Serbian army occupied the part of Croatia that bordered with Bosnia i.e. militarily encircled the entire BiH on its borders with Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.
The beginning of the genocide in Srebrenica was on July 7th 1995
We will notice that we have the number 6 (sixth of April) as the beginning of the aggression and ethnic cleansing which is repeated when we add the date of the beginning of the genocide in Srebrenica. And this is no coincidence. Number 6 represents fear, period of uncertainty, sudden changes and is connected with the underworld and death. What is interesting in the numerological sense is that number 11 after the genocide in Bosnia became a worldwide unlucky number. It is sufficient to recall two world catastrophes: September 11th in USA and March 11th in Japan.
Number 11 is nothing more than two symbols of a sword or two sabres, which is the sign of conflict, death and global catastrophe. September 11th in USA represented the beginning of the fight of two swords, large religions - Islam and Christianity, while March 11th in Japan signifies the fight of man and nature. Another interesting thing related to number 11 is this - according to the circle destiny of Bosnia and Herzegovina is "born" under the sign of Nacre, rules from 15.08-15.09. as the eleventh sign in the Bosnian horoscope.
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BiH according to numerology
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