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 Amulet for the protection of the individual

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Each amulet must be protected to prevent moisture, sweat, water or dirt from entering the contents. Also, precautions are needed because of the menstrual cycle of women. Therefore, the amulet must be wrapped with a seloteap after completion. In addition, it can be subsequently wrapped, or put into a miniature canvas bag, usually red or green.

The amulet used against black magic should, upon receipt, be placed in the palm of the right hand, closed, and then vigorously blown into it. In this way, there is a connection between the amulet and its owner. According to the rules of talismanic magic, the amulet is always worn above the navel, not below it. The reason is that the lower body is considered dirty.

The role of the amulet is to strengthen the energy envelope that surrounds the human body (aura), and as a shield repels negative energy such as evil eyes, black magic, energy vampires and ghost attacks. In essence, its purpose is prophylactic.

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You must take care of the amulet so that it is not stolen or pierced by a needle, thus disturbing the contents of letters and signs. Therefore, discretion is advised - not to tell anyone that you own one.

Finally, you need to know that the contents of the amulet will fade and disappear with age, and with it the prophylactic power, and it is recommended that every ten years, a new scarf is made. The old amulet is thrown down the river.

You should not open the amulet  as it "locks" when wrapped. Opening it will lose its power of action.
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Amulet for the protection of the individual
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