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 Amulets for home protection

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In addition to the amulet intended to protect the individual, there are those whose purpose is to put under their protection an apartment or house. One or 4 amulets are made for this purpose. If only one amulet is made, it is placed above the front door, on the inside. However, if 4 amulets are made then each is placed individually in an empty jar or bottle and buried in the ground on four corner houses.
Housing protected in this way is considered safe from magic attacks, evil spirits and enemies.

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For any amulet it is recommended to give alms to poor people from time to time. You do this by saying in your mind, "I give this money to you in the name of my charm and may my alms be received at God!" In this way you attract the positive energy that accumulates in the amulet and extends its shelf life. No amount of money is set, you always give as much as you can.
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Amulets for home protection
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