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 Rules for making a talisman

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One should know that the magic science of talismans, cleanses man from the black and evil influences of nature, just as soap cleanses the body of dirt. When one learns this wisdom, one feels the longing for a spiritual, immaterial world. Then he begins to move beyond this transient and approach the eternal world, breaking the chains made of earthly needs and desires.

Also, it is necessary to know that those individuals who know the secrets of this science have reached a high level of exaltation, because they were introduced to the secrets of the invisible celestial and underground worlds.

Through this science it is possible to meet and communicate with spiritual beings. This way, it is possible to solve all the big problems, starting with the treatment of the most serious illnesses, which doctors said could not be cured, such as: paralysis, leprosy and madly in love, to making friends from your worst enemies. All this would not have been possible without God's help.

With the help of spiritual beings we can find out what will happen in the future and thus protect ourselves from possible disasters.

We can also use them to learn many secret knowledge that will protect victims from their abusers. We can learn all this from the spiritual servants of Allah, who know the hidden secrets of names, Qur'anic quotes and letters. There are conditions that must be fulfilled in order to achieve what we want with the help of this science.

There are many such conditions, but we will present only the most important:

- Confidence that the desired result will truly be achieved. This is because if one begins to engage in this business, and afterwards feels some kind of doubt, they will not benefit from this science. The Messenger of God, Mohammed, said: "ud'u Allahe ve entum mukinun bil-icabe."

- Being persistent in business without feeling bored or tired. Failure to obtain the expected result should not mean giving up on the job,
because hard work always pays off , and the one who works hard will always benefit from his work. The desire for this science  is similar to love, if someone who is in love gives up on a loved one they will never unite; but if he tirelessly tries to reach his beloved, he will surely unite with her someday.

- Secrecy; when doing this job one must be alone and no one should be present.

- No one should be told what is being done and how it is being done. It is written as follows: "If you want your wish to be fulfilled, ask for what you need but in secret."

- Avoiding committing sin; no forbidden food should be eaten, no injustice should be done to people, all kinds of violence should be eliminated, it is forbidden to lie, to gossip and to incriminate. One has to be honest, and with compassion and pity, help those in need.

- Comply with the precepts and do not ask the spirits to
perform those actions that might arouse any doubt, because if there is doubt spiritual beings will not be able to do what is required of them. Also, don't ask these creatures to do things that might humiliate them, because it would mean treason and disrespect of the rules.

- Purification of man; one should not focus on material and earthly things.

- With spiritual purification, greater spiritual exaltation will be attained. Good knowledge of people; know in detail the people seeking actions such as winning love and separating loved ones. It is necessary to be thoroughly acquainted with their physical characteristics, their names as well as the names of their mothers.

It is especially important to pay attention to the time when a talisman is made.

- The focus should be on making as few mistakes as possible when making talismans.

- The person making the talisman should not have feelings such as anger, nervousness, fear, sadness, excessive joy, pain etc. Also, the person must be both mentally and physically healthy.

- The words invoked by spiritual beings need to be memorized, it is not enough to read them from a book or from a paper.

- These words should be uttered humbly, with thoughts focused on what is wanted and what is said.
No fatigue should be felt, nor attention should be paid to other things.

- License; permission must be sought from the teacher to perform this work.

One should have a good knowledge of the times of certain planets as well as the relationships between them. Every action should be done at its proper time.

- Talismans related to rulers, wealth, jobs, agriculture, tongue-tied, and magic neutralization all belong to the moon.

- Talismans related to wealth, winning the heart of a loved one and mental illness belong to Mercury.

- Talismans for love, engagement and likewise belong to Venus.

- Talismans for elegance, reputation, ownership, promotion at work, treasure and gold belong to the Sun.

- The talismans for separation, enmity, hatred, sickness, harm and destruction belong to Mars.

- Talismans regarding the increase of the money and friendship belong to Jupiter.

- The talismans for separation, hatred, vice and drowsiness belong to Saturn.

Each talisman should be made at its proper time, depending on goal one wants to achieve with that talisman.The sages dealing with this science have made one timetable for when to make a certain talisman. When making a talisman, one should use that table.
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Rules for making a talisman
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